The Chamonix Paragliding School since 1987

Paragliding tandem flights.

Our tandem flights enable you to experience brand new sensations. Mere curiosity or the start of a life-long passion?

Find out… Come and share this magical feeling !

You want to give paragliding a go: couldn’t be easier. Take off on a tandem flight with one of our state-recognized instructors.

Planpraz (1000m*): 120€ (100€ - childrens and students).
Planpraz XL (fly over 45min to 1h): 220€
  Plan de l’Aiguille (1200m*): 130€
*vertical  riding down
No flights from the aiguille du midi and the plan de l’aiguille from 01/07 to 31/08.
Flights from Planpraz and plan de l’aiguille last approximately 20 minutes.
Landing fields are all within a short walk from the centre of Chamonix.


Private introduction course 

(maximum 2 people)

Spread over 3 days according to your availability.
Quick, efficient and adapted to your schedule:
You will complete 4 tandem flights during which your instructor will talk you through all aspects of piloting. Our slope-school sessions will further enable you to master the techniques of solo flying for your first 2 solo flights.

All solo flights are supervised  by two instructors. An ideal and complete formula to learn paragliding.

(You will not be able to fly on your own after this course).

Cost: 900€ per person


Hiking and paragliding, the tour du Mont Blanc

Unexplored take-off areas in and around Chamonix, away from the busy crowds and only a short hike away at medium altitude. Enjoy nature to the fullest with our instructors. If you can fly at pilot certificate level and you are physically fit, then come and discover our secret spots and enjoy the unique sensation of an early morning flight in crisp mountain air.

Each course can be tailored to suit the physical and technical levels of the group. The Tour du Mont Blanc can be completed one day at a time or over a period of up to 5 consecutive days. Around 1000m of vertical descent per day.

Each day is supervised by an instructor/mountain guide. Light equipment is essential. 

Cost : 110€ per day and per person (minimum 3 people).

Additional costs: lift tickets, meals, snacks and overnight stays in refuges.


High mountain solo flights are supervised by guides/instructors

The Mont Blanc massif is home to many 4000m peaks, some of which are suited for paragliding take-offs. Feel like a 4000m take-off? Contact us to get a quote tailored to your ability.

Please note that ascents will only ever be completed by foot (except for the Petit-Combin in Switzerland which can be accessed by helicopter)!